Nu händer det snabbt saker i Manssverige (och i Kvinnosverige)

januari 11, 2011
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Som jag förutspådde på nyårsafton blir 2011 året som saker börjar hända. Assanges möten med svenska rättsväsendet var droppen.

Vi kan redan nu konstatera utifrån mitt extraknäck som profet att det finns en god chans jag får rätt. Saker händer nu såväl ute i världen som i Manssverige och snabbt går det.


Vad menar Assange-åklagaren Marianne Ny?

december 23, 2010
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Det har varit många turer i Assange-affären. Så många att det är svårt att hålla reda på dem allihop.

Nu producerade Tre Amigos nyligen ett inlägg på Aktivarum om just Assange, Rättssäkerhet och dagen-efter-sex känslorna så vi behöver inte upprepa allting igen. (mer…)

Rättssäkerhet, Assange och Dagen-efter-sex känslorna

december 18, 2010
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– Det handlade, tror jag, mer om avundsjuka och besvikelse från deras sida

Säger advokat Björn Hurtig. Nu är det Expressen som återger vad han sagt så visst ska vi ta det med en nypa salt bara av den anledningen. Men vi tror faktiskt att detta (mer…)

Going after Assange again! The insanity of rape-politics

september 1, 2010
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Believe it or not, they are actually charging Julian Assange with rape and other sexcrimes again!

Will we see an even bigger media cirkus now? Assange is charged with rape again. Something clearly is wrong with the swedish justice system. From ”guilty with a warrant for arrest” – to ”no wait, innocent”, – to ”no wait, we changed our mind, guilty again!” How many chances do the swedish prosecutors need to get it right? Now regardless of what happens serious errors have been made.

Read in Daily Mail what is supposed to have really happened between Assange. and the two women Anna Ardin and the younger female photographer SW.

What he did not tell her was that the party was being hosted by the woman he had slept with two nights before and whose bed he would probably be sleeping in that night.

This seems to be what the case really is about. However no existing law in Sweden, or anywhere I know in the western world, force men to tell women what other women they sleep with and certainly no law in existence makes it illegal for a woman to sleep with two men at the same time while not telling them.

Assange himself refers to cultural reasons not talking about personal life or criticizing the women involved.

SvD is reporting Marianne Ny, prosecutor with focus on violence in close relations, is the newest person to enter the cast of assange-gate. Thats weird cause neither of the two women had any relation whatsoever with mr assange. It was just sex. What will our international visitors think of this? Well CNN are already reporting and now BBC have also awakened.

Mårten Schultz comments on the latest events.


Read the entire story in English, analysis by Aktivarum.

Regarding the cultural issues, this is a sequence from a swedish comedy show about the svenska tjej ”swedish girl”

However whether this makes things clearer or more confusing is anyones guess. The comedian Henrik Schyffert makes fun of some swedish girls tendency to express wishes for one thing but choosing something completely else creating a weird political enviroment.

Also we need to remember one of the highest ranked radical feminist ideologists was a fraud of highest degree.

Read the story about Göran Lindberg, Police chief and expert speaker on womens issues and ethics. Andrew Anthony tells the story in the Guardian.

”In particular Lindberg was a staunch enemy of sexism in the police force. He argued with colleagues, made speeches and built up a reputation as a tireless proponent of women’s rights.”

”In January this year, following a six-month investigation, Lindberg was arrested. At the time of his apprehension he was allegedly on his way to meet a 14-year-old girl in a hotel encounter that was also due to feature a number of other men. It was said that in his car was a bag containing leather whips, handcuffs and a blindfold.”

Regarding political correctness in Sweden, Andrew Anthony paints a very unpleasant picture that really hits the mark.

”Many Swedes I spoke to suggested that Lindberg embodied a widespread cultural disconnection between official rhetoric and individual behaviour. As one well-placed observer of the Stockholm scene put it to me: ”Some of the most outspoken male politicians on gender equality are also renowned as the most active pursuers of women.”

”The theory behind the PC view of the world is that if you change the language, you change what the language describes, because perception alters reality: non-sexist expressions, for example, help to foster non-sexist thoughts. But what if the prescribed opinion is a false consensus?”


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