ENOUGH with the ”Death Threat” crap LISTEN UP EVERYONE | december 3, 2014

Ok, now I am gonna write in plain english about the stupid threats.

Listen! I dont care what side of the debate you are on regarding this issue because if this keeps going on nothing will be able to be discussed except this and that person getting ”death threats” and I have had enough of this crap!

Halo Director recieves dozens of death threats

“I am not posting much for a couple of reasons, one, too busy trying to fix. Two, well past a couple of dozen believable (I don’t personally believe them, but better safe than sorry) death threats,” he wrote in explanation of his absence.

Look! Regardless whether people are talking about death threats, school shootings or acts of terrorism the one constant thing that is that the only reason to report those acts in advance is to cash in on the following two things:


hamster on a wheel

(Hamster wheel has no end in sight)

This means giving the perpetrators either attention and/or fear will only lead to the threats becoming a success and because of this we will just get more of the same crap in a never ending hamster wheel of more and more threats.

Are you happy with this situation? Because if you are included in the 1000s of people who went to twitter to discuss these threats then you are now part of the problem. Nothing you are doing is making anything better.

Fleeing from home is bullshit

I dont know how come I even need to explain this but if the threat is real. All the perpetrator would need to do is wait a month or two, not threaten you and then just act without warning. There are two alternatives to this:

1) The first alternative is that the purpose of the threat is to scare you into stop doing something. In that case unless you stop doing what you are doing then all they need to do is wait a month or two before acting. However…

Doing what they want just leads to more of the same


(The poor hamster is exhausted, if this keeps on that will be us)

2) The second and by far most common alternative is that the threat is not real. In that case the reason you are threatened is that the people making the threats wants to get attention and you giving them attention rewards them.

To put it simple. When you give them attention it acts as encouragement for them and others like them to do the same shit again, only more and even worse. Whoever told you to talk about these things online show serious incompetence.

Dealing with REAL threats

If the threat is real your only hope is stopping what you are doing or being permanently protected. Sorry but life is not a movie. There is no happy ending if you have real enemies. Report the threats to the police and hope for the best.

Do you think I have not gotten death threats myself? Think again. Its just that if the threat is real it doesnt help telling my friends on twitter or facebook and the one thing helping even less would be talking on national media about it.

Dealing with FAKE threats.

If the threat is NOT real the purpose is attention and the best way to prevent more threats is not giving them any attention whatsoever. However fake threats is not an excuse. Feel free to report them to the police, just dont tweet them.

When looking at statistics it doesnt take long to realize that unless you know that some dangerous individual or group wants you harm, about 100% of all death threats you recieve are just stupid people talking shit online.

Its simple probability, the threat is crap.

We know this because otherwise actual deaths would increase when more people are threatened because internet makes it easier. However nobody have attempted to claim the real world is more dangerous today because of internet.

In fact while I have heard of lots and lots of online ”death threats” i have yet to hear a single assault happening because of this. As far as I understand the real danger today is ”swatting” cause thats something that has actallly happened.

This is not an excuse for the people making threats!

The simple truth is that excuses doesnt even matter. As long as the people committing these crimes get what they want by doing it, they will keep doing it. They dont care what I think about what they are doing at all.

You believing it would even matter if I said what they are doing is ok is just you being naive. The only thing that matters is whether when they are making threats it gives them what they wanted by doing it or not.

Finally when it comes to reporting to the Police

Look I dont know how to explain this clearer than point out the facts. Lots of people are in jail for robbery. Nobody is saying robbery is ok. Does any of this mean that more people will not become robbers? Off course not!

The main reason for people not becoming robbers is that they  cant reasonably excpect to get lots of fast money by committing that crime. If we want less threats we need to stop give attention to the people making threats.

Same goes for school shootings and terrorism.

Dear media. Violent criminals are losers. Stop giving the losers so much attention. Stop calling it ”death threats”. Nearly all are fake and the ”death” part is just a way to score even more attention from upset people.

Copycat-behavior is a real problem today. Every single public debate on school shootings will unfortunately increase the risk for another school shooting cause the perpetrators care about attention and revenge – nothing else.

Attention is not the solution – Its a huge part of the problem.


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  1. Indeed. Also see ”Terrorist, paying attention to” and ”Troll, internet, not feeding.”

    ”I’m singing in the rain …”

    Kommentar av Kristian — december 3, 2014 @ 10:32 f m


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